Project name: Poor Cyber Hygiene
Work: Design, Speculative design, Anitmation, print, editorial
Location: Bristol, UK
Date: 2020


Poor cyber hygiene is a project that reflects people negligence towards security on your smart phones and laptops. Cyber criminals might precision target specific people or groups of people for more financially motivated schemes. Geopolitically motivated adversaries might target government personnel in the hopes of capturing valuable data or audio. This laptop sticker series explores practices and routines that people ensure to keep their cyber hygiene clean. With people becoming more paranoid and alarmed of their safety from modern technology it only felt right to explore how people really felt in person. Do people believe this to be a conspiracy or something completely true. The stickers can be obtained from posters which have perforated edges that allow people to pull a sticker off.

The intention for the publication is meant to be ironic. Although the stickers protect people from unwanted attention through the camera lens it also acts invasive as the photographs are taken in front of the laptop. It defeats the whole purpose of the stickers protecting your privacy because of the photographs being taken of the laptop screen. This photography publication explores how vulnerable people are to even the most unsophisticated hacker.