Tom Spooner

 Graphic designer based in Leeds, UK. 

Neymar brand identity
Personal project
︎ Branding
︎ Art direction
︎ Conceptual thinking

Identity design for Neymar when he was with Nike. The identity communicates an understanding of Neymar’s career, professional & personal attributes, and cultural significance. 

Neymar, renowned for his bursts of energy on the field, showcases a remarkable level of skill that surpasses the ordinary. This enables him to generate sparks of brilliance during football matches like no one else.
This characterisation seeks to capture Neymar's performances, captivating audiences globally. Neymar's electrifying talent lifts the beautiful game to extraordinary levels.

Taco Station
Commercial project

︎ Branding
︎ Marketing
︎ Layout

Taco station is a Bristol based authentic Mexican soul food truck that was having a months residency in a restaurant. I created a minimal, modest & legible menu which was suitable for a restaurant setting.
The design is based around mid-century aesthetic that incorporates Mexican colours for instant brand recognition. I have used American diner style typography that grabs attention and enhances the visual impact of the menu. Its bold, eye-catching appearance draws customers in and sets the tone for a fun and memorable dining experience.

Commercial project
︎ Branding
︎ Art direction
︎ Layout

I created a visual identity for an internal sports brand at Stonegate. This brand was used as a platform for key communications on anything sports related in Stonegate.

The identity conveys a sense of modernity, vibrancy and innovation. Which gives a forward thinking and dynamic appeal through the use of colours and graphic language.

Madruga festival
Commercial project

︎ Animation
︎ After effects
︎ 2D

Madruga Festival is a Bristol based club night/festival which aims to bring together a safe and inclusive community of like minded people, with a love for dance music, the planet and new experiences.

In Portuguese, the word 'madrugada' translates to 'Dawn,' symbolising the vibrant energy of nighttime festivities that extend into the early hours. Drawing inspiration from this concept, I crafted a series of animations that trace the journey from dusk till dawn, mirroring the rhythm of a lively celebration. The colour palette chosen reflects the evolving atmosphere, transitioning from the warm hues of twilight to the vibrant tones of daybreak.

An internet observation of COVID-19 book
Academic project

︎ Publication
︎ Layout
︎ Typography

Still a conspiracy is a publication which focuses on various different Facebook groups to ask one simple question. Is COVID-19 genuine or is it a conspiracy theory? This publication turned online statements into the form of an indexed dictionary. Inviting readers on a journey through the perspectives surrounding this global phenomenon.